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Moduluxxx Showcase Performance Night

Moduluxxx Mini Modular Synth Festival bringe you a raucous gig featuring musicians and artists who use modular synths.

Robin Fox
David Burraston
Hair Hochman
Pia van Gelder

27th April, 7 – 10pm, $12

Moduluxxx – Mini Modular Synth Fest

Moduluxxx is a 2 day thermo voltaic burn out celebrating and exploring modular synthesis. Somewhere between a museum, a LAN party and a pet show, Moduluxxx will be an space for vicarious enjoyment, learning, rubber necking, starting a dangerous new hobby (fiscally speaking), kicking tires or brushing shoulders with your peeps.

Sumugan Sivanesan | The Digger You Love To Hate

A year ago Sumugan presented a paper on the ANZAC myth at a
conference on postcolonial letters and film in Turkey. Revisiting the
topic in Sydney during the lead up to the centenary of Gallipoli, Sumugan will
explore a constellation of thoughts regarding race,
death, class, war and diggers in Australian culture, in this ANZAC Day special performance lecture “The Digger You Love To Hate”.

A game of 2up will follow the lecture.

Galapagoose : Cliques : Guerre

Melbourne’s Galapagoose launches his new album ‘Commitments’ – with Cliques (48/4 and Henson) and Guerre in support.

Algorithmic Improvisor: Performance Night

The Sydney algorithmic improviser hack-together will take place over 3 days in April and will bring together scientists, artists and other enthusiasts in pursuit of the creation of pieces of music-playing software that exhibit modest but noticeable forms of autonomy and musical capability when paired up with human improvising musicians. The hack-together will provide an opportunity to collaborate and explore technologies, techniques and critical issues of musical autonomy. The gathering will culminate in a performance on April 21st showcasing systems produced prior to and during the workshop. The performance will include the following musicians: Peter Hollo (cello), Evan Dorian (drumkit), Ben Carey (saxophone) and Roger Dean (keyboard).

Weather Festival

The idea of weather festival has always been to suggest the celestial. None of the works explicitly probe warm fronts or hurricanes, they examine the process of drawing lines from chosen points for the sake of representation.

In the 4 nights spanning April 9-12, a program of work is assembled, from performance installation to improvised performance. Entry is by donation of a cake.

Nick Keys | Becoming otherwise occupied

Becoming otherwise occupied is a performance lecture by Nick Keys. Developed for Serial Space’s Performance Lecture project and presented by Serial Space in association with Free School and Occupy Sydney.

Noise Ball

A night of handball and noise: a sensorial overload.

Come for a hard hitting game set amidst a collaborative patching improvised endurance mega modular synthesizer set by Jonathon Hochman, Alex White and Pia van Gelder.

Come and play – close your eyes and feel the force – if you can handle it!

Zoe Coombs Marr | Gone Off

Monday 19 March, 8pm
Tuesday 20 March, 8pm
A double bill with Claudia O’Doherty’s The Telescope at 7pm.

Like a firecracker, like a frog in a sock, on a rant, into the wilderness.

A show about travel, fear, confusion, birds, being lost and drunk in the outback and sleeping with a steak knife in your hand.

A misguided ramble across the desert on a sugar high.

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