About Serial Space

‘Have you been to Serial Space? It’s some 80s Polish scifi film-set of a gallery, I swear, all smears and patina. You can’t go wrong exhibiting there, not for shows that have the hybrid robustness to survive outside the sterile white box.‘ – Dan Mackinlay

‘As much structurally as it is in nature, Serial Space is profoundly unprepossessing. It is a receptive and open platform for the values – experimentation, fluidity – of those who choose to invest, and so has the potential to fill and transform with whatever energy and initiative people throw at it.‘ – Millie Stein

Founded in 2008, Serial Space is an Artist Run Initiative that facilitates on-site residencies for artists and collaborative groups working in hybrid and inter-disciplinary fields. Serial Space is run by a collective of 4 directors who are dedicated to providing opportunities to artists for professional development and creative exchange.

Serial Space provides a space to initiate new projects through on-site residencies and provides an existing audience and community to whom artists can publicly present their works in progress. Serial Space is one of the only spaces in Sydney with a strong commitment to fluid and live forms such as sound art, experimental music, electronic art, new media art, and performance art. Serial Space is also dedicated to an ongoing program of events that encourage practical and theoretical education and artistic dialogues including workshops, talks and debates. Serial Space aims to support non-traditional practices and artists who undertake ambitious, non-commercial and experimental projects.

Current directors are: Tom Smith, Jennifer Hamilton, Kate Blackmore, Pia van Gelder and Frances Barrett.

Serial Space is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW

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  • Floorplan

    If you require a more detailed floorplan, please get in touch.

  • Available Equipment


    • 2 x RCF 300A powered mid speakers
    • 1 x Wharfdale 400w sub
    • 1 x Mackie 1402 VLZ mixer
    • 2 x SM58 mics
    • 2 x mic stands
    • 1 x 31 band EQ
    • associated leads


    • Epson EMP 830 (3000 Lumen XGA)
    • Second Epson Projector
  • Enquiries

    Publicity Enquiries: [email protected]
    Application Enquiries: [email protected]